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The Voices You Have Not Heard

Sep 27, 2018

Ta'lor Pinkston is the founder of LADYHOOD journey, LLC and creator of the Self-love Shop. She is a Self-love Coach, a Self-love Lifestyle Blogger, and poet.


Sep 20, 2018

Tracie D. Washington is the owner of The Queen's Closet 831.  The Queen’s Closet 831 is African inspired apparel and accessories. It was started to help women of color celebrate their culture while promoting self esteem.  

Sep 13, 2018

Penda is a writer, inspirational speaker, blogger and founder of InSCRIBEd Inspiration, LLC. where she helps people record their visions, goals and legacy through writing.

Sep 6, 2018

Angie McDonald -  is the Visionary and CEO of IAM consulting. As a transitional and certified life coach, she used her own personal experience  to help others regroup, overcome and transition from life’s most difficult circumstances.